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[in]Sanity Demo [in]Sanity Demo

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Thanks for the feedback!

Since I worked on this game I believe you guys might find me guilty, but here's what I think!

We're just showing you guys the concept of a text-based investigation game, we know that gaming industry is in this "ACTION FPS OMG OMG HYPE" thing, that's why we wanted to try to make something different for people that have brains and are already tired of jumping and shooting like crazy monkeys.

Things that we know that we must improve if you guys like our game is:

* Checkpoint system for a non-boring gameplay.
* More buttons and better puzzles for higher interactivity (Sorry, but mouse point&click stuff right now is a bit far from our current knowledge/avaliable time).
* Better art work and more expressive sound effects.
* A less punishing script (sorry for the bike joke people, but I wanted you all to die right in the beginning of the game 'cuz Im evil).

Anything else that you guys want to tell us to help us improve the game is very very very welcome.

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